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        Beijing Hexinruitong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the "user-centric" service, to establish a "rapid response, intentions, professional and meticulous, customer satisfaction," the service mode, the service concept through to the pre-sale of each project, sales, service the entire process, with the fastest speed of response provide reasonable solutions and services. Efforts to achieve service management institutionalization, standardization, implementation of humane, efficient, and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction rate.

        l  Hardware spare parts service

        According to user requirements, the company can provide all the hardware and software equipment spare parts service for users. If you still can not rule out equipment failure after the overhaul, the company will provide no less than faulty equipment specification model grade spare equipment for customer units, until the faulty device repaired.

        l  Phone Technical Services

        In order to improve efficiency and shorten the reaction time, the company adopts customer service team tracking service system. Telephone technical service needs of the user each time, the unit will be recorded to the customer service needs a database, a detailed record of customer needs, solve important information methods, measures, progress, results, etc., this data provides a reference for the latter part of the equipment inspection and upgrade services basis, to improve the relevance and predictability service.

        l  Remote and on-site technical services

        If the problem can not be resolved over the phone, the company will send experienced field service engineers remotely or on site to solve customer problems. Equipment fault repair response time: 0.5 hours, the engineers arrived at the scene of the time is not more than 2 hours (according to journey length is determined).

        l  Regular inspection service

        The company provides a full range of technical services, including on-line product regular inspection system, service technicians regularly sent the system to use the site by users to exchange and device diagnostics, system optimization suggestions and measures put forward. By understanding the operation of each device, to discover hidden equipment and to be excluded, the failure to take preventive measures.

        l  Company sales system

        Companies Shouwenfuze system to the customer's technical needs of the service, which is the first demand of the people receiving the customer service, will be responsible for tracking customer demand for services. If the employee received grant consulting services omission or sense of responsibility is not strong, the company marketing department has a complaint call 010-62988008, clients can complain to the marketing department, the company will be the fastest speed of response to customer complaints.

        The company has a "service center" and with a special hotline, announced through a variety of ways, with smooth channels of communication between companies and consumers, ensure timely user feedback.

        The company established a perfect customer service interface, streamlined and efficient in accordance with the principle of unity and strengthen customer interface, mutual supervision, by the account manager, project leader, client group in the scope of their respective duties on behalf of the company contact communication with customers, identify customer needs, and customer satisfaction with expert services to achieve common development with customers.

        Company professional service team and service network throughout the country, with accurate and timely rapid service capabilities. Companies in order to improve the ability to quickly service and maintenance work with the equipment needed to prepare the site for the maintenance Spare parts warehouse, once users run equipment failure, the company promises a response within 0.5 hours, and immediately sent the nearest appropriate engineering and technical personnel to carry the replacement parts arrive at the scene within two hours for processing.

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